Dramatic Shifts Ahead in the ECM Market

The very nature of content is changing. After years of convergence and consolidation, we’re seeing a new way of thinking about enterprise content management (ECM) emerge — what’s possible and what it means for business. Share this via

Adobe debuts new mobile marketing tools

With the ongoing surge in mobile and online shopping, retailers are getting less one-on-one time with customers and prospects. Location-based targeting provides e-mail campaigns with added personalization and relevance, Adobe says, and therefore can help increase sales. Share this via

Insight: 11 digital media trends that will shape 2015

Programmatic media buying systems must do more than simply access cheaper and more targeted impressions. Marketers need to “empower” these systems by building creative that can be “customised and seamlessly delivered by media buying algorithms”, says a digital trend report by global research based agency, Millward Brown. Share this via

What is a Smart TV?

What is a smart TV? When we think of modern smart devices, we usually picture something that offers automation, wireless control, or learning behaviors (such as Nest or WeMo). Smart TVs aren’t exactly the same thing. While they may include some wireless features, they usually don’t have any automation… Share this via